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Rope Works was established in 2015 and have been growing since. Starting with relative small tasks like building maintenance contracts to the point where we are today, where we do both off and on-shore work on turbines, oil rigs, ships and industry facilities. We unite teams of great experience, know how, craftmanship and mentality within rope access technicians, to be able to deliver the best possible service and quality to our customers.


To provide the safest and the most cost effective solution for our costomer, we can access inaccessible places by rope. We do our best to find correct and safe solution, when normal access is difficult. With many years of experience working at height, we have develop high working standards and procedures, while performing various tasks across Europe, such as:

  • Wind turbine blades – Inspection & repairs.

    External and internal, blade inspections and repairs, is not a problem for our service teams. If its strange noise, a visible damage, missing reading on resistance, we will help you to find a solution.

  • Anticorrosion – Painting and surface protection.

    Steel structures – doesn’t matter if its off or on-shore, they will corrode over time. To help, we can help perform maintenance and repairs. Surface protection helps, we can help with sanding, blasting and painting according to coating manufactures requirements.

  • Wind turbines cleaning, inspection and coating repairs.

    Oil spills? Hydraulic pitch system leaks? When it is repaired – we can come and take care of your turbine, we will clean all the grease and oil inside the hub, solve the slippery and glossy blades, and wipe the tower down so it looks professional and it is safe for environment.

  • Metheorological masts installation, dismantling and service. Lidar installations.

    We spent many long days installing wind measurement masts in Scandinavia – thereby service and maintenance was also done, and at the end of measuring period – these systems have been taken down and been reinstalled in other windy area.
    Interested in mounting weather predicting and monitoring systems such as LIDAR, anemometers and wind direction sensors – call us or send a query – for sure we can help you.

  • Cable exchanges and routing.

    Kilometers of cable, ten of thousand cable ties, hundreds of labels and many hours used to make sure that
    power is being transferred safely and correct.

  • Bolts – tensioning and torqueing.

    Yearly maintenance on bolts and torqued connections? We can help you. We have hydraulic tensioning tools, high torque guns and fully equipped with correct PPE. With GWO, BTT and torqueing equipment, we can perform the service to your and the manufactures requirements and not only from ropes.

We have the strong believe that it’s not only the final result that matters. Good communication, follow up and keeping everyone up to date about the current state is important in any type of partnership.

Hope that you found something that caught your attention and please contact us, so that we can help your find the best solution and result.

Your point of interest didn’t appeared here? Contact us – for sure we can find a right solution!


In Rope Works our focus is on delivering the best service and quality on the market. We believe that the task done correct the first time mixed with good communication is the best way to ensure satisfied customers and therefore the best possible advertising. We are also aware that downtime in both power plant and wind turbines are very costly, therefore we also have great focus on reaction time and is able to mobilize are team for the task very fast.


Health and safety
We have great focus on that our team members show up for work happy and the same when they end their shift. Keeping everyone happy and safe from harm is very important for us. Due to that we wont compete on costs and living standards which can result in accidents that should have been avoided. Our teams is focused on the task and having the correct procedure to minimize the chance of risks. This has until now, meant that we have had zero serious work accidents.


All team members working at height is IRATA certified, has been medically assessed and have all the necessary certificates to work on most sites ( GWO, HUET, VCA and MIST ). Our equipment is always up to date and has been certified/checked by trained inspectors.


We all know that pollution is a growing problem. In Rope Works our team members is always reminded to act responsible and do the little things correct, could be correct disposal of waste, segregation and proper storage of dangerous substances or minor things that are equally important, like keeping our working place clean and safe for all.

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